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StakeWise is an Ethereum 2.0 staking service that strives to achieve the highest possible yield for users. We do this by running a secure and stable banking-grade infrastructure, by enabling yield farming and theoretically also compound staking with unique tokenomics, and by charging low fees. Anyone with at least 0.001 ETH can participate.
We welcome you to the latest iteration of StakeWise and hope that you make the most of our product to achieve your staking goals. This documentation will help you along the way.



StakeWise Pool, where your stake is pooled with other participants. Every stake in the Pool gets tokenized upon deposit, to allow each and every user to transfer or exchange their deposited and earned ETH2 for other assets whenever they feel like it.
StakeWise Tokens play a key role in the Pool by making your stake liquid and opening opportunities to generate additional yield in DeFi protocols.


StakeWise Solo, where your validator with 32 ETH runs on our infrastructure, but you alone retain the access to its balance since you own the withdrawal key. We handle all of the technical complexity according to the best security practices. Users can create as many validators as they want with one click and request validator exit whenever they want to.

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