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Welcome to StakeWise - the premier liquid staking protocol on Ethereum.
To find out more about StakeWise and the StakeWise DAO please refer to the sections below.
What can I do with StakeWise?
StakeWise is a liquid staking protocol that enables simple and secure ETH staking for individuals and organizations. It also provides the tools & software to allow anyone to launch their own staking Pool (called Vault) and earn fees by running validators for others.
All Ether staked using StakeWise can be made liquid with osETH, a liquid staking token.

Staking with StakeWise

Running a Vault with StakeWise

Use cases (coming up)

  • StakeWise for liquid solo staking
  • StakeWise for DAOs & communities
  • StakeWise for funds & institutions
  • StakeWise for staking companies
For all guides on how to use StakeWise please refer to the Guides section.
How does StakeWise work?
The main components of the StakeWise protocol are Vaults, osETH token, Oracles, and NodeWise.


Users stake ETH into different Vaults and earn ETH rewards, while Vault operators earn a staking fee in exchange. Anyone can launch their own Vault to allow others to stake in it.


osETH is a token for liquid staking that accrues ETH rewards to its holders. It can be used in DeFi to trade staked ETH and farm additional rewards.
osETH is minted by stakers in Vaults that want to use their stake in DeFi. Anyone can swap their ETH for osETH in DeFi to start earning ETH rewards by holding the token.


Oracles ensure that Vaults register validators without assuming custody of funds, calculate Vault rewards, and push information about validator registrations and exits on-chain.
Read more about Oracles -> (coming soon)


NodeWise is Ethereum node management software that simplifies Solo staking. It can be installed on any machine to run your own validators simply and securely.
Read more about NodeWise -> (coming soon)
What is StakeWise DAO and how can I get involved?
StakeWise DAO is a community of SWISE token holders that govern the parameters of the StakeWise protocol and control the assets of its Treasury.

Governance resources

SWISE token

  • Tokenomics (coming soon)
  • Supply and distribution data (coming soon)
  • History of fundraising and investors (coming soon)
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