StakeWise V3


Learn the basics about StakeWise V3
StakeWise is a DeFi protocol that offers a simple and safe way to stake ETH on favourable terms and to farm, restake, and borrow with your stake for more yield using osETH, a liquid staking token.
StakeWise pioneers the concept of a staking marketplace that allows stakers to choose their own node operators, earn more staking profits, minimize slashing risk, and stake solo, all while keeping their stake liquid.
StakeWise also provides individuals, communities and businesses with the tools to launch their own staking pools from scratch and give their users osETH, a liquid staking token with an extensive liquidity & utility ecosystem developed by the StakeWise DAO.
StakeWise is a good fit for you if you are:
  • An everyday staker who wants a simple and secure solution for staking your capital, with the potential to use your staked capital in DeFi apps.
  • A solo staker who wants to mint a liquid staking token against your own node, and also has the potential to offer fully trustless, non-custodial staking as a service to others.
  • A whale/fund/DAO/institution looking for a bespoke staking solution to best suit your needs, whilst being able to access DeFi with staked capital.
osETH is the main liquid staking token for the StakeWise ecosystem. With in-built slashing protection and yield accrual from a highly diversified set of node operators, osETH is a simple and secure way to stake ETH while preserving access to DeFi.
To learn more about StakeWise, navigate to the different components to see how they work:
Permissionless and non-custodial, Vaults are isolated staking pools connected to Ethereum nodes that allow staking on specific terms
A token for liquid staking that can be minted against staked ETH in any Vault
A set of entities fetching information about staking performance and events off-chain and pushing it on-chain to enable staking, unstaking and rewards distribution
A community of SWISE token holders that govern the key parameters of the StakeWise protocol and manage its Treasury