StakeWise V3

Exit solo validator

Learn how to unstake from StakeWise Solo.
Note that you must rotate your Solo validator withdrawal credentials to 0x01 withdrawal address before you can request a validator exit. This is a technical requirement of the Ethereum network.
Validator exits from StakeWise Solo are handled manually on an on-request basis. In order to exit your Solo validator and unstake from StakeWise Solo, please perform the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Go to MyEtherWallet Sign page and choose the best way to connect the wallet you use to pay fees for your Solo validators. Completing the next steps will be useless unless performed with this wallet.
  2. 2.
    Enter the following message into the Sign field, inserting the indeces of validators you want to exit:
I request an exit for the validators with the following index / indeces:
  • [insert index 1]
  • [insert index 2]
  • [insert index X]
  1. 3.
    Press Sign and confirm the signature with your Web3 wallet
  2. 4.
    Copy the result and email it to [email protected]
You will receive confirmation of the StakeWise team processing your request within 24 hours of sending the email. Your exit request will be processed within 48 hours of the email receipt, also acknowledged via email.
After that, the timing of the validator exit will depend on the length of the Ethereum validator exit queue.
You are now aware of how to unstake from StakeWise Solo.