StakeWise V3

SWISE-ETH Liquidity Pool

Adding liquidity to the new SWISE-ETH pool
This guide will walk you through the process of adding liquidity to the SWISE-ETH pool on Uniswap V3. Follow the simple steps below to proceed.
If you are a liquidity provider in the SWISE-sETH2 pool and are looking to migrate liquidity to the SWISE-ETH pool, we have included the instructions for removing liquidity and swapping sETH2 for ETH here.

Add Liquidity to the new ETH-SWISE pool

Step 1: Head to the UniSwap Pools page and select New Position. Click the drop-down to select SWISE to pair vs ETH.
Step 2: Edit the Fee Tier, selecting 0.3% and select Full Range.
IMPORTANT — Double check that the correct pool is selected (0.3% fee tier) and that the price range shows 0 to infinity as per the below. Failure to do so will mean you might not receive incentives.
Step 3: Once you are happy with the pool settings, enter the amount of ETH and SWISE tokens you wish to deploy (must be 50/50 if Full Range). Once again, you may need to provide UniSwap with approval to access your SWISE tokens. Once the approval has been granted, you can finally Preview and accept the transaction to deploy your liquidity.
Congratulations — you are now an LP in the new SWISE-ETH pool 🥳

Migrating liquidity from the SWISE-sETH2 pool

Remove SWISE-sETH2 liquidity

Step 1: Head to the UniSwap Pools page, select your SWISE-sETH2 position and click Remove Liquidity.
Step 2: Click Max and then Remove to initiate the transaction to remove your entire liquidity position, including previously unclaimed fees. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Congratulations - you successfully removed liquidity from the SWISE-sETH2 pool 🥳

Swap sETH2 to ETH

Step 1: Head to the UniSwap Swap page and select sETH2 to ETH. Enter the amount of sETH2 you wish to exchange and confirm the swap. Note, you may need to enable spending of sETH2 on UniSwap prior to executing the swap. This will be an on-chain transaction.
Step 2: Once the transaction enabling sETH2 spending is completed, you then need to allow sETH2 for swapping (simply signing a message rather than an on-chain transaction).
Step 3: Finally, confirm the swap transaction in your wallet.
Congratulations - you successfully swapped sETH2 for ETH 🥳