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Early Adopters Campaign

Learn about the principles and terms of initial $SWISE distribution

Rewarding early community

26 April Update: The campaign has now ended and $SWISE was airdropped to the participants.
The Early Adopters Campaign is designed to reward early users with an APY boost and create a cohesive community of stakers to kick off protocol’s governance.

Campaign terms

The tiered campaign will reward $SWISE governance tokens to stakers in the following manner:
  • 1st tier (0-5K Ether): 1,200 $SWISE per 1 ETH deposit
  • 2nd tier (5-15K Ether): 800 $SWISE per 1 ETH deposit
  • 3rd tier (15-25K Ether): 600 $SWISE per 1 ETH deposit
Campaign participants will be able to claim their $SWISE via Merkle Drop after the Token Generation Event (TGE) in April. A total of 2% of the token supply, or 20,000,000 $SWISE, will be distributed among early adopters through this mechanism.