Add tokens to wallets like MetaMask

Learn how to add sETH2, rETH2 and SWISE tokens to wallets such as MetaMask.
Some wallets like MetaMask don't know the sETH2 and rETH2 tokens natively. Since both tokens are ERC-20 tokens, those wallets support the tokens, though. They just have to be added manually. Here you will find instructions on how to add them to different wallets.


For those of you who already know how to add custom tokens to your wallet, here are the three token contract addresses. If you need more detailed instructions, please read on below.

MetaMask - the easy way

We have made it easy for MetaMask users to add the StakeWise tokens. Simply head to the StakeWise app, connect your MetaMask wallet if you haven't already done so, and click on the avatar icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. A menu will pop up where you will find an "Add Tokens" option. The process is straightforward:
Click on "Add Tokens"
Click on the token you want to add
Confirm in MetaMask
That's it. Repeat the steps for any other token you want to add and you're done. Tokens are now added to your MetaMask asset list.

MetaMask - the manual way

Apart from the easy way described above, you can also add the tokens manually. The process described here works similar on most other wallets that allow you to add custom tokens.
Open MetaMask in your browser. If you have multiple accounts/addresses in MetaMask, make sure you switch to the account from which you deposited ETH to the StakeWise Pool.

1. Adding custom tokens to MetaMask

Scroll to the bottom of the asset list and click Add Token:
Add Token in Metamask
In the next screen that appears, click on the Custom Token header:
Custom Token Screen

2. Add sETH2

In the Token Contract Address field, enter the following addresses to add the sETH2 token
Click Next and then confirm with Add Token on the next screen:
Add Token confirmation screen
Your sETH2 tokens will now show up in your MetaMask asset list.

3. Add rETH2

Repeat the same process to add the rETH2 token: Scroll to the bottom of the asset list, click Add Token, switch to the Custom Token tab and enter the following address for rETH2:
Click Next and confirm by clicking Add Token on the next screen:
Add Token confirmation screen
Your rETH2 reward tokens will now show up in your MetaMask account, and you're all set!

4. Add SWISE

Follow the same steps you took for sETH2 and rETH2, but use this token contract address:
Your SWISE tokens will now show up in your MetaMask account