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Using Mac OS

Generating withdrawal credentials on Mac couldn't be easier! We will:
  • Download Eth2 deposit CLI .zip file and extract contents
  • Rename the extracted folder
  • Launch deposit using Terminal
  • Generate and write down the mnemonic phrase (important!)
  • Transfer deposit_data file to StakeWise
The whole procedure will take at most 10 minutes.

Download Eth2 deposit CLI .zip file

Go to Ethereum's Github page and find Why doesn't Pyrmont rhyme with anything? (v1.1.0)
Click on Assets and download eth2deposit-cli-ed5a6d3-darwin-amd64.tar.gz
Find eth2deposit-cli-ed5a6d3-darwin-amd64.tar.gz in Downloads folder and double-click on the file to extract contents
You have successfully completed step 1 of this tutorial.

Rename the extracted folder

Rename eth2deposit-cli-ed5a6d3-darwin-amd64 folder into mwc (Mainnet Withdrawal Credentials)
You have successfully completed step 2 of this tutorial.

Launch deposit using Terminal

Find and launch Terminal using Launchpad
In Terminal, type cd Downloads and press Enter. Then type cd mwc and press Enter to get to the extracted folder.
Type ./deposit new-mnemonic --num_validators 1 --chain mainnet and press Enter
You can reuse the withdrawal credentials generated for 1 validator in as many validators as you want. Hence, you should still choose --num_validators 1 when generating withdrawal credentials for multiple validators.
If you receive an alert that reads "deposit cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified", navigate to mwc folder, right-click on the deposit file and choose Open with Terminal. Then close the terminal and repeat again from the previous step.
Type your language of choice (e.g. english) and press Enter
You have successfully completed stage 3 of this tutorial. Halfway there!

Generate and write down the mnemonic phrase

Perform this step with utmost attention to detail to maximize the safety of your funds.
Type in any password and press Enter. Re-type it when prompted to do so. Remember the password
Write down the mnemonic phrase that appeared on your screen. Store the mnemonic safely at all times
Store your mnemonic where you cannot lose it and never share your mnemonic with anyone! Your mnemonic has access to the funds you deposit, so losing it will result in the loss of your funds.
Type your mnemonic as per instructions on the screen. Voila, you have created your keys!
You have successfully completed step 4 of this tutorial.

Transfer deposit_data file to StakeWise

Navigate to mwc folder and open validator_keys folder
Navigate to StakeWise Solo deposit page and transfer the deposit_data file into the relevant section
You have now successfully completed all 5 steps of this tutorial and learned how to generate and submit your withdrawal credentials on Mac OS.
As you sit back and watch your rewards grow, make sure to store your mnemonic safely and follow the best practices for managing your withdrawal credentials until Phase 2.