Top-up Solo billing account

Learn how to arrange payments for your Solo non-custodial validators
Every Solo staker has a DAI billing account which is used to pay the service fee for Solo validators. The fee gets deducted from the billing balance on a monthly basis. In this guide, we will show the steps to top-up your billing account to avoid situations where your staking fees are not paid.
The top-up process is very simple:
  • Navigate to the Payments section
  • Make a DAI deposit
The whole procedure takes 1 minute at most.
Note that you must have DAI in your address to be able to deposit.
Navigate to the Payments page in the app
You have successfully completed step 1 of this tutorial.

Make a DAI deposit

Press on the Add DAI button and enter the amount you are willing to deposit, then click Confirm
Notice that your billing balance has been topped-up
You have successfully completed step 3 of this tutorial and learned how to top-up your Solo billing account. Now that your balance is topped up, you can forget about manually paying for the service - the fee will be charged from your balance automatically.