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StakeWise MerkleDistributor smart contract details.
The MerkleDistributor contract distributes prETH tokens and other rewards to the depositors of psETH into various contracts. The distribution is based on the calculations produced & submitted by the Oracles.
Interactions with the MerkleDistributor contract are limited only to the addresses included in the WhiteListManager contract.


In situations where psETH lands in a contract that does not support the redistribution of prETH that it begins to accumulate, StakeWise governance (or Admin) can disable the accrual of prETH to that contract by calling the setRewardsDisabled function in the RewardEthToken contract. The function will stopprETH from accruing (and being unclaimable) in said contract and allow psETH holders to claim their rewards via the MerkleDistributor contract.
To claim their fair share of earned prETH, the depositors of psETH will call the claim function in the MerkleDistributor contract. MerkleDistributor will call a similar claim function in the RewardEthTokens contract, to allow MerkleDistributor to transfer prETH to the user.
Last modified 1yr ago